Andrea Milne

Andrea Milne instructs the following:
  • Strength and Balance
  • A great class for beginners and those wanting a slower paced class.  
    Strengthen your bones and improve your balance. We will work on fall prevention techniques and work on stability as well.

  • Gentle Mat Pilates
  • This class will safely guide you through a Pilates mat class.  A great class for those that are new to pilates and those looking for modifications due to injuries.
    Pilates principles include control, fluid movement, breathing, concentration, stability and postural alignment. Pilates dramatically changes the way your body looks, feels and performs. Activate your core through proper breathing using the Joseph Pilates sequence of exercises.

  • Gentle TRX & Core
  • A strength training class using the TRX straps ending with core training using props including balls, magic circles and more!  A great class for beginners and those looking for a more gentle class.

  • Group Pilates Machine Circuit (Paid)
  • Reformer, Tower, Chair, Core Align, Barrels, Jumpboard.....this class has it all! Challenge your mind and body with this group Pilates circuit class. Move between three to five stations in this challenging 60 minute workout as we build strength, flexibility, and balance.

    Come as many times per month as you would like, simply buy the pass at registration. Sign up for these classes open a week in advance. Space is limited to 9 people so save your spot!